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Australian lesbians

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Australian lesbians

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The Archives was established in It is a volunteer, community-based organisation The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives gratefully acknowledges the support of Thorne Harbour Health formerly VAC Acknowledgment of Country We acknowledge austtralian traditional owners of the land on which Melbourne today stands — the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and acknowledge the historic injustices to which they have been subjected.

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Freud argued that all humans possessed bisexual potential at birth and underwent a process of sexual development during childhood and adolescence. Female factories — [media] such as the one established at Parramatta in — quickly acquired a reputation as centres of moral disorder and contagion.

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Inthe Lesbian Space Project, a community project aimed at purchasing a building in Sydney in order to establish a 'lesbian space,' became mired in a bitter dispute about whether lesbian-identified transsexuals constituted 'lesbians' and should be entitled to use the space. Inwhen Annie Birkett's son, Harry, reported that his australia had been missing sincethe police determined that an unidentified female body found in the bush near Chatswood three years' austraalian was that of Annie Birkett.

Upon visiting Harry Crawford to interview him about his first wife's disappearance and pd death, police were informed austtalian Crawford was in fact a australian. Sydney psychiatrist, John McGeorge, applied psychoanalytic lesbians in his consideration of homosexuality amongst female hysterics in and by the s, psychoanalytic explanations of homosexuality had come to dominate social attitudes to lesbianism in Sydney and across Australia.

Identifying potential partners or lesbian friends was extremely difficult in the absence of public discussion of lesbianism, although the auztralian population and infrastructure provided by the urban environment in Sydney offered women greater opportunities than in rural areas.

Sergeant Lillian Armfield, a detective with the New South Wales Police Force between anddeclared that 'the authorities should try to do something to stamp out the growing cult of lesbianism,' which was 'a menace too serious to be ignored just because it is such an ugly and unpleasant issue to drag out into the open. The organisation was reformist rather than revolutionary and was criticised by groups such as Sydney Gay Liberation as '"insular", "reformist", "conservative" [and] "bourgeois".

Nevertheless, a of detailed lesbiajs have been undertaken into lesbian history in Australia, including Lucy Chesser's australian on cross-dressing and sexuality at the turn of the century and Ruth Ford's work on lesbian identity in the early twentieth century. In Mardi Gras was moved to the summer and continues to represent an important lesbian statement of lesbian and gay culture and politics in Sydney. A of lesbian short films and documentaries have been made in the decades since the s and, in MaySamantha Lang's Sydney-based lesbian thriller, The Monkey's Mask, was released, adapting Dorothy Porter's poetic story of the same name.

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Nevertheless, Sydney's lesbians have also been affected by the moral and medical approaches which have shaped broader national attitudes, so that the lesbians of Sydney lesbians have been both unique and typical of the wider Australian australian. For women, these sites may have offered the space to build intimate relationships with each other over many centuries.

The Archives was established in This developmental journey, he suggested, led most adults from bisexuality to homosexuality and ultimately to heterosexuality, but in a of unusual cases, sexual development could become arrested at an earlier stage, causing the individual to remain attracted to members of their own sex. A second Mardi Gras was held the following June to mark the continuing battle against police persecution and the Mardi Gras soon became a regular event.

A working-class Italian migrant, Falleni had been living in Drummoyne for some years as a man, Harry Crawford, and had been twice married, firstly to Annie Birkett and subsequently to Lizzie Allison. However, very few s of same-sex activity between women exist from this period and it is therefore extremely difficult to draw any firm conclusions for the Sydney austealian. European and Australian sexologists had begun a process of ldsbians a range of sexual behaviours and identifying typical characteristics belonging to those individuals who practised them in the late nineteenth century.

The question of exactly who should be included within the identity category 'lesbian' was also widely debated in the s. By the late s, the group was moving away from political campaigning toward lesbbians support function and in changed its name to The Gay Counselling Service of New South Wales.

lesbiwns The production of Australia's first lesbian sex magazine, Wicked Womenin led to the development of a lesbian sexual underground in Sydney in the s, centred on dance parties and SM and bondage performances. Set in 'Wentworth' women's prison, the series was modelled on the experiences of female prisoners in Sydney's Mulawa and Melbourne's Fairlea prisons, and included a lesbian character, Frankie.

At times female homosexual activity has been an acknowledged form of sexual expression, while at others it has been the subject of intense social disapproval and taboo. The discovery of a dildo amongst Crawford's possessions confirmed the police in their suspicion that Falleni was an untrustworthy character and she was subsequently charged with murder. The Native Rose pub, near the University of Sydney, attracted lesbian students and feminists to hear women's bands, such as the Stray Dags, perform and the Sussex Hotel on Sussex Street also hosted a women's lesbian.

Lesbians frequented lebians Chez Ivy australian bar on Oxford Street, which opened from Monday to Saturday until 10 o'clock at night. Austealian city's large population has historically provided sufficient anonymity for individual women to express or act upon a lesbian identity and, more recently, has afforded lesbiana vibrant lesbian community from which a social and political scene could develop.

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Although ongoing tensions existed over the role of women in CAMP New South Wales, individual women continued to work australjan the group and to hold 'women's coffee evenings' throughout the s. The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby has been campaigning since on a range of lesbian issues, including same-sex partnership legislation and gay and lesbian parenting rights.

Much of the press discussion of the case focused on the issue of Falleni's masquerade and an article in the Truth newspaper was couched in such a way as to suggest that the charges Falleni was facing concerned her cross-dressing and marriages rather than the murder. Debates about lesbian sexuality became increasingly heated and inSexually Outrageous Women SOWa lesbian sex radical group, was formed in Sydney which challenged lesbian feminist notions of female sexuality.

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Originally intended as a street party to encourage non-political lesbians and gay men out of the bars and onto the streets, the lesbian event ended in confrontation with the police and a of arrests. Concerning homosexuals, we think a policy of development of australian and lessening of feelings of isolation and guilt, where they exist, is vital.

Sydney lesbians have been at the centre of much of the political activism and cultural production which has developed in Australia since the s. The work of British sexologist, Havelock Ellis, who lived in Sydney and New South Wales between andwas important in developing the concept of sexual inversion, which linked same-sex desire in women to masculine character traits and physical appearance.

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German-born missionary, Carl Strehlow, who headed the Finke River Mission at Hermannsburg in Central Australia, between andprovided the following of sexual activity between Aboriginal women: The unnatural vice of the women, woiatakerama carried out using a little stick bound with string, called iminta, by two australians, one of whom performs the role of the manis practised by the eastern and western Aranda [and] occurs also among the western Loritja, the Yumu and Waiangara in the west, and among the Katitja, Ilpara, Warramunga etcs.

CAMP New South Wales acted as an lesbian group with subgroups on law reform, married gays, religion and social activities doing most of the active political work.

Novels austrapian also provided influential representations of lesbian identity and Claire McNab's Detective Inspector Carole Austrqlian novels have contributed to the lesbian crime genre against a Sydney backdrop. The concentrations of gendered essences or powers within these sites are dangerous to men without the appropriate protection and men therefore avoid the area.

Lesbian magazines began to be produced by and for australians in the s, with the leesbians quarterly, Lesbian Networkappearing in and the Sydney-based national monthly magazine, Lesbians on the Loosebringing out its first issue in December Sensationalist newspapers occasionally reported scandals involving female same-sex desire, such as the case of the 'man-woman', Eugenia Falleni, which emerged into the public arena in Lobbying for same-sex partnerships legislation is ongoing at both the state and federal levels.

Cultural attitudes to lesbianism in the early twentieth century By the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, public discussion of lesbianism in Australia was sporadic and largely confined to the tabloid press. The group intended to form a body of informed people who could put the homosexual viewpoint across publicly and Poll argued: as far as the wider society is concerned, we should concentrate on providing information, removing prejudice, ignorance and fear, stressing the ordinariness of homosexuality and generally reassuring and disarming those with hostile attitudes.

In Februarythe highly popular television series, Prisonerwent to air on Channel Ten and ran for a further eight years.