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Forced to wear panties

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Forced to wear panties

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Posted by author s Mark is a successful manager at a marketing firm. He has been using his company computer for other things than just business though.

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Posted by author s Mark is a successful pantjes at a marketing firm. Put detail never assume the reader knows. Instead was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. With crotchless panties, however, you don't need to worry about his intimate attire getting in the way - he can keep them on throughout, along with whatever other lingerie you have him wear. It too, was trimmed in lace at the shoulders, hem, and sleeves.

After fastening the row of buttons up the back, the maid removed a long sash from the hanger and wrapped it around the boy's waist, forming a large bow in the rear, giving the dress an almost bustle like appearance. Using the long hose sprayer, she rinsed the soap off him, forces then holding a soft towel up, had the boy step from the tub. Pajties eyes moved from her delicately painted face, down over the bodice of her lace and ribbon trimmed dress, lower to where her legs seemed to escape from a bouffant cloud of frothy skirts, forcee finally down to the tiny pink bows which decorated her girlish slippers.

With her arm around the young pantes, she cradled him affectionately against her massive bosom and ran her fingers thru his curly hair. Click the Thumbs Up!

Moreover, tighter full patnies panties will help shape his cheeks into a more pleasing form, especially those of the control variety - you may find that your husband's pantied posterior looks positively peachy as a result! His mom and dad also thought it an excellent idea after a recommendation from Father Tom. Smiling up at the red-faced youngster, she continued on, tugging the panties up all the way and weaf hands hidden beneath his gown, smoothed them over his recently drained member.

There's something very intimate about helping your husband into his underwear, having him stand completely still as you pull his panties up his legs before gently easing them into position. Remembering his now lack of panties, the boy clutched the lace-trimmed robe tightly around the nightgown, and sheepishly followed, the anticipation of actually leaving the mansion while dressed as a young girl building with each tick of the clock.

Why was he sitting in the dark? Where's the suitcase? Unlike most men's underwear, panties lack any kind of fly, forcing your husband to adapt his toilet habits to their presence.

Although that's not a combination you would consider for your husband unless you wanted to keep him around the house, sometimes even an otherwise innocuous outfit can become all too apparent in the wrong light or at a particular angle. For as long as he could remember, he had only taken showers, and this bath was not just a bath.

Put him in panties: chapter 8: panties and thongs

Before they were halfway up the long staircase, he couldn't help but notice another sensation. Standing before them in only his girlish new panties and fofced, he tried again to cover himself.

Each held one of Christine's gloved hands to steady the boy as he maneuvered slowly down the stairs, still a bit unsure of himself in the low heels. The boys helped serve the breakfast, bringing each of the ladies food before taking their seats which alternated around the table, one of the ladies, one of the students, and one torced the priests.

Forced into satin panties by his secretary

Make it all come alive for the reader. She then wrapped the towel about his head and, giving it a twist, left it bound as he had seen his mother do so many times before with her hair after shampooing. Alternatively, you can extend his punishment attire to include a matching bra, stockings or heels - all things we'll be discussing in more detail later in this book. Having your husband wear fuller cut panties until he's appropriately trained in this regard can help avoid any initial tendency for him to cheat, with an uncomfortable panty punishment being a great way to discourage him from doing so more than once.

Conversely, thong style panties bisect the buttocks with a thin strip of material, sometimes merely a string.

No matter whether your husband is pantied as a punishment or simply for play, there are all manner of ways to add variety to having him wear panties for you, keeping him on his toes as far pantids discipline is concerned as well as ensuring that your bedroom activities will never become boring. Finally, it's worth noting that punishment panties need not necessarily punish in their own right - they can merely be attire that your husband comes to associate with being punished in other ways.

Forced to wear her panties: a sissy's descent by j.c. rowlands

Carolyn latched the door to provide some privacy, and to Christine's surprise, backed him into one of the stalls. An almost imperceptible moan aear from their charge's lips as the loud frou-frou and the silken touch of the lace brushing his nylon sheathed thighs seemed to envelope him in a kind of soft cloud. She started to get the hot feeling between her legs again.

Would you mind grabbing me some coffee? Only by tying his legs together is it possible to stop a man from taking his panties off - an entertaining idea if you enjoy bondage, but hardly practical in everyday life! While most all the other students were from the region, Chris' family lived almost miles distant.

'forced to wear panties' search -

Why would he do anything like this? The maid quickly returned with a beautiful pink woolen double breasted coat. Chris just about jumped out of his skin with embarrassment. You probably have a lot of questions now, like how I found out or who I am. Although we've dwelt here on how a man's panties might become visible, actually it's remarkably easy to keep them hidden - after all, countless women do so all the time. Leading the youngster into the bathroom, she draped a fluffy towel around his shoulders and then, lathering a soft facecloth with fragrant soap, began to wash the sleep from his eyes.

After the traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, Mary ordered pecan pie and coffee and another soft drink for her niece.

Forced to wear her panties: a sissy's descent

Some of these styles are rather more obscure than others, but there's no reason to resort to a specialist supplier unless they particularly appeal. Especially with thongs that have a tendency to slip between the wearer's buttocks, the additional pantues of nylon makes it more difficult for a pantied husband to adjust his underwear, particularly when out and about. Although in the bedroom you'll want your husband's panties openly displayed, if he's to wear them outside of the house, it's vital that no-one else should ever know what he's got on under his trousers.

He shuddered in delight as she took a frilly hankie from her bodice and wrapping it around his shaft, began milking him.

It isn't necessary for your husband's punishment panties to be physically uncomfortable, however effective that may be - as with any lingerie, there's also the psychological component of wearing women's underwear, especially in front of other people. Smiling, she let her hand glide around the boy's waist and frced slowed their pace a bit. The sight that met him gave him a shudder.

His eyes closed tightly, she dusted him generously with the sweet smelling body powder, coating his shoulders and ten moving down over his hairless chest and finally down over each thigh. Just as he realized he was the last still waiting, Mary pulled up in the driveway.

As we saw when discussing erotic feminization, the sexual forcef of such intimate attire can extend far beyond the bedroom, turning the wearer on even when he's in more mundane circumstances - putting your husband in panties is a great way of getting him all hot and bothered in advance of the main event.