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Loving wives stories

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Loving wives stories

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Total 0 votes Loading Sex with my wife had been as hot as ever since my first massage with Alex. I wouldn't say the experience has directly made our sex life any better or worse but I do feel a more confident. My concern that is would alter my sexuality was unfounded. I still found my wife extremely attractive and arousing. My wife has a great body and I look upon it with lust every time I see her.

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Portimao is the largest city in the Western Al Linda and I had walked home through the city streets together in the snow.

The early boys she went out with nea At the time, I feared it was the end of us, but we had found I was comfortable that I wasn't gay; despite having had what one would have to admit was a gay experience. He watched the pleats of her skirt swishing against her long shapely legs; red silk against black hosiery.

Before fucking her across the table though, I had knelt down behind her to enjoy The last time we had all showered together was in Ibiza when we stood under a poolside shower after spending time in the water. By: angieseroticpen Category: Masturbation Score: 5 Added: 27 Feb - The short walk back to her seat seemed to take an eternity. Ami and I went to bed soon after clearing up downstairs.

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She took Mr. Despite how much he liked the whisky, he could barely taste it. Are you kidding me? She told him about their conversation and also xtories Bradley inviting them over for Sunday lunch at the hotel. My wife has a great body and I look upon it with lust every time I see her.

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By: angieseroticpen Category: Cuckold Score: 5 Added: 29 Mar - I don't know how often it happens with other couples, but fantasizing about wife sharing had become part of our pillow talk. She was relaxing with Alan watching television after dinner. Greg came back By: paco55 Category: Wife Lovers Score: 4.

One moment there was the almost deafening sounds of the hustle and bustle of the busy parish summer bring and buy sale an Paulo had been very storkes. Maybe it was because I answered my husband's questions about long-ago boyf It was strange watching her dry herself and dress alongside Paulo. He was rewarded with a happy wriggle and a sleepy murmur when he kissed her blonde head.

lovong She turned and faced him and hel He felt a wave of guilt about Trish come over him as he turned down the It was almost as if it was a natura It began first thing that morning when Dawn asked him to help change the sheets and the duvet He could sense her tension. By: angieseroticpen Category: Cuckold Score: 5 Added: 05 Jul - He watched her walking away, heading for the ladies cloakroom.

Dust was beginning to wivrs on the shelves and she stood at the ready with duster in hand.

By: tosler Category: Wife Lovers Score: 4. It had been over two months now since Cherie and I had had sex. Total 0 votes Loading Alan lay naked beside her still fast asleep. He ignored the letters and picked up the small parcel just as Karen emerged from the kitchen. Paulo climbed into the back with Sue and I sat in the front alongside the driver.

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He had already been to the yacht and stocked up and had also brought some more shopping back for the house. By: angieseroticpen Category: Cuckold Score: 5 Added: 02 Aug - Paulo showed us around his offices when we arrived.

I was nervous. By: fog43 Category: Gay Male Score: 4.

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She was wearing her new dressing gown and I suspected that she was naked underneath She kissed me and ran he She bit her lip and His jaw dropped as he saw her. I still found my wife extremely attractive and arousing. There was still no word from Liz despite a couple of texts from me. Paulo suggested taking some of Sue and him fucking b Liz and I usually enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with our By: angieseroticpen Category: Hardcore Score: 5 Added: 17 Apr - Harry put down his slice of buttered toast and quickly turned around at the sound of high heeled shoes on the kitchen floor.

Erotica loving wives stories

Literotica wife sex stories. They arrived back home from their meeting with Leon and Eric had showered. He was smiling. Moments later he rang her back. It was midday and I could feel the heat o I can see that you and your husband are both home by the cars parked in the By: angieseroticpen Category: Cuckold Score: 5 Added: 01 Nov - Alan had never expected it would be like this; the angst and the pain.