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Mistress mystique

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Mistress mystique

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Serving Me is a blissful experience. I am a sensual Dominatrix who is very experienced in the art of seduction. I enjoy building you up and taking you down; you will fall into worship as I manipulate your mind and body.

Age: 50
Relationship Status: Married
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City: Huntley, Tolleson, Banbridge
Hair: Redhead
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After a thorough beating, She forced him down and fed him Her shit. When this aspiring slave made the cut to serve Me, I cunningly rushed him into ing a contract which unknowingly turn him into My toilet slave. Best in the world. I enjoy building you up and taking you down; you will fall into worship as I manipulate your mind and body. With Me, you will be with a Dominatrix who is kinkier than you by leaps and bounds with the experienced to back it up.

Mistress mystique

By now, I have casually but, surely insinuated My mesmerizing presence into your mind. I am well aware that there are more than one facet to misyress man, the one reserved to his average crowd and the dark urges of his true nature. So open up and gobble up! The more fun Mistress Mystique made of it, the happier it was.

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I had him over for a visit and had so much fun putting him in a sissy outfit, slapping around his sissy worm, and blessing his stupid face with My gorgeous ass. Through which I will be controlling your body.

My intelligence is perfectly completed by My beauty. I slip them off long enough to take a huge dump and piss a ton then slip them back on without wiping.

You will be a better person, more relaxed and content that you have quenched your submissive side with me. I blame it on the pregnancy; I am 8 months along. Watch as I show you how dirty My panties are with pussy juice stain, sweat and piss. This one, is a special about one of the items that goes everyday where you wish you could live; between My huge ass cheeks! I welcome novices who express the respect due to My rank at all times.

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After having slowly but, surely seduce him into all sort of vile acts; it is time for the ultimate service. I just got home for a sexy lingerie trip from My slave. I can't wait to feed you! While trying My new purchases on, I feel the urge to go but My slave had already left. Steely beauty covered in melted chocolate, your freely given cries of pain pleasure Me.

I am an experte at irresistible seductions. I have never known a limit which was not worshipfully surrendered to Me.

I am interested in intelligent submissives able to express themselves but, I am particularly keen to those who understand Female Supremacy on a soulcry level, even if their weak male minds failed them. Sunday, after a delicious dinner of meatloaf, mac and cheese and green beans I had to go to the bathroom.

Making sure they get even dirtier as I instruct you on how to suck them clean while touching your rock hard misttress I proceed to teach him a lesson in ass loving!

Once caught, I find out it is My next door neighbor. As my good butt boy, I know you will buy this video and earn your sizable reward.

Mistress mystique - toilet slavery - exclusive real life black female supremacy - forced toilet

I speak three languages; French being the second. Realizing it must be someone in My building, I laid a trap which Mystiqe knew no pervert would be able to resist. Get your new and hot femdom clips now! Honestly, I think the loser was all to happy to finally be exposed and used. My body was not created by a god, it is a Goddess in itself!

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I mitress would have shitted on Myself. So, instead of him getting a private meal, you get a peak at the life he lives as My on call toilet.

The life every man should live, specially if you are white. I enjoy being around a confident man, even more so when I mystiqke the reigns and ease him into surrendering to My expert hands. I barely made it to My toilet seat before it all came out! I intuitively know exactly where to reach in your mind to set up control.

Especially the ass crotch area, which I find wet.