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Pocket rocket urban dictionary

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Pocket rocket urban dictionary

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I didn't want to stand up and make it obvious that I was sporting a pocket rocket. David's dad bought him a pocket rocket for his birthday—the thing looks like real deal! I was mortified when pofket pocket rocket fell out of purse halfway through the date.

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Give someone a rocket (phrase) definition and synonyms | macmillan dictionary

Colonies of these gregarious creatures are usually found under the bed. Corruption of chew the fat Converse desultorily, gossip. More here. A dust ball.

Urban dictionary: rocket pocket

David's dad bought him a pocket rocket for his birthday—the thing looks like real deal! New York City s. To beat someone comprehensively in a game, often to a score of zero s.

To bother, to annoy. When the person is alone, it is accompanied by shaking of the right, clenched fist, slightly above the head, and with a angle of 90 degrees at the elbow.

Definition of pocket rocket

Cinnamon and raisin, or blueberry, or somesuch, bagel. From Saturday Night Live?

African American To disrespect. Describing someone held to zero in a game.

Antonyms: see bearded clam. Link to this :.

See also: pocketrocket pocket-rocket n. PB call Earl v.

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Another possibility is that it refers to the aftermath of heavy sexual performance. To shed an obligation. KH blow out n. Always plural Dictinoary informal verbal contract establishing primacy of a person's claim to something, made with all other persons within earshot.

This date can occur between two or more people, and none of them have to be dating any of rockket others. Buttocks s. Sycophantic person s.

A sandwich made from three pieces of bread with two layers of filling, cut into quarters, with each quarter secured by a toothpick. An arranged meeting of any kind e. Krban To possess comprehensively, and usually intimately e. Faeces s. JdW ass n.

The nature of the relationship can be judged by terms used to qualify it: there is poket dating in which a person may go on dates with many partners, and serious dating which is probably a synonym for going steady q. There is still lots of work to be done to get this dicctionary thesaurus to give consistently goodbut I think it's at the stage where it could be useful to people, which is why I released it.

To behave in an exaggeratedly homosexual way. This is not necessarily pejorative and is often used affectionately.

This meaning is almost unknown in the U. Coney Island flat fish n. Big Apple, Philly.

To penetrate with a penis. To have sexual intercourse indiscriminately, with no concern for the aesthetic qualities of the partner. Hymen s. African American Describing something very good or desirable.