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You can view and manage your user information and settings from your profile and settings s. View your profile Your profile contains basic information about your userincluding your name, profile photo, biographical information, and profile visibility. Your profile also includes a list of groups you belong to, the of items you own, and a gallery of items shared with the public and your organization. To view your profile, verify that you are ed in, click your name at the top of the site, and click My profile. View your settings Your settings contains your user settings.

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United States standard sets the units to miles, feet, and inches; metric sets the units to kilometers, meters, and centimeters.

Faqs - timeplay

You need to be in a TimePlay location. Password expiry Default value is 90 days. Password reset history The last password can be used again when the user resets a forgotten password. Other resources:. The settings are organized by tab, as follows: General—General settings, such as language, and date paswsord, and units for measuring distance Security—Options to change your security settings, such as your password and security question s—Licensing details, such as your ased user typeroleand app s Modify your profile and settings Some profile information and settings can be modified.

Open theclick the link provided, and do the following when the Reset Password lo: Answer the security question. Everyone public —If your organization allows sharing outside the organization, you can make your profile visible to Everyone public.

Reset password

Spaces are not allowed. This policy will configure the active directory on all domain controllers to enforce the configured settings. Substring matching is applied on csene normalized passwords. Go to shop for my group, and search for Advanced Recovery Companion. Enable Enforce custom list. Overheating OS crashes which are distinct from application crashes There are two ways to reflash the device.

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Why should I register? A password length under 7 is considered unsafe. The choices you see depend on your privileges. For example, to limit what others can see, set your profile visibility to Private.

Restart, reset, or recover hololens | microsoft docs

Scen also useful to include a thumbnail image such resdt a picture of yourself, a logo, or anything that represents you. Symbols see the password restrictions. However, if you share items or groups with the organization or the public, people who find your shared items or groups can click your user name to access a limited profile that includes your full name, user name, your shared groups, and the top items you shared with the public or with the organization based on relevance.

You can change the units you see by modifying the Units setting on the General tab of your settings. Click the Forgot password? Password expiry notification Default value is 14 days. After resett minutes, the link will expire, but you can always request a new link through the steps above.

Units Your administrator may have set the default units for the map scale bar, measure tool, directions, and analysis. View your profile Your profile contains basic information about your userincluding your name, profile photo, biographical information, and profile visibility. Smart lockout tracks the last three bad password hashes to avoid passwogd the lockout counter for the same password.

Members of organizations can set their profile visibility to one of the following: Private—Other organization members can't find you in the members list except for default administrators and those with administrative privileges to view and update membersand you can't be invited to groups because group owners will not see your name pasword the Invite users window. Monitor users at risk Configure Azure AD Identity Protection passwrod notifications to monitor leaked credentials, risky -ins and more.

Substring matching will look for the first name, last name en tenant name in the password. You can update your descriptive information, your profile visibility, the language in which the portal website will be displayed, and the units for measuring distance. Further incorrect -in attempts lock out the user for increasing durations of time.

Type and confirm a new password. A minimum of 8 character will align this to the Azure AD password policy.

View your settings Your settings contains your user settings. All remaining characters are given 1 point each. To change who can see your profile, select a different Profile visibility option pssword your profile. lockout After 10 unsuccessful -in attempts with the wrong password, the user is locked out for one minute.

Please create a password that is 8 characters or more. If you use the ArcGIS default policy, it must be at least eight characters in length and contain at least one letter and one. Password and security question You can change your password if you have a built-in that you or your administrator created when you ed the organization. I changed my password and when I try to log into TimePlay with my new password, I recieve this message: "invalid confirmation token provided.

For security reasons, this link must be accessed within 90 minutes. Note: Weak passwords may not be scnee. Go to Manage sxene Settings. Bio and profile photo Adding biographical information about yourself helps others learn more about you, your groups, and the content you've shared. Add words to your custome list. If you don't modify this setting, the default start for your role organization for administrators and those with administrative privilegesand home for all other users will continue to appear when you in.

Your profile also includes a list of groups you belong to, the of items you own, and a gallery of items shared with the public and your organization.

Reenter the password as confirmation. The minimum password age should be set to 1 or more in deset for for the password history setting to work.

I forgot my password, can i reset it? · disc golf scene

Enable self-service password reset Self-service password reset gives your users the ability to reset their password or unblock their without a call to support. All LEDs should turn off. After applying all steps above a password score will be calculated. If prompted, answer the security question and reset your password on this and click Change Password. Passwords must meet the complexity described below. Language,and date format Your portal administrator may have set the language for your organization, but you can set the language you see by updating your settings.

Navigate to the Microsoft Admin Center and log on with a global administrator. The device will be automatically detected, and the Advanced Recovery Companion app UI will start the update process: Select the HoloLens 2 device in the Advanced Recovery Companion app UI, and follow the instructions to complete the reflash.