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Sexy female tau

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Cue hotblooded music by JAM Project. In the 41st millennium, the Tau come female as more than a little naive to the other races; the Imperium sees any contact with aliens as heretical and will shoot them with bolter rounds as soon as they look at them; the Orks just want to tau the shit out of things; and the Eldar see the Tau as sexy and powerful because of their technology but also as a race in its infancy, just staggering out of its borders for the first time and wandering into a pond full of sh ar ks. Eventually the Eldar abandoned them because the Tau never accomplished anything notable on their own due to a crippling lack of creativity. Humans must be in physical contact with an Ethereal or perhaps subjected to heavy doses of the pheromone in other ways to be sufficiently affected but aliens are affected merely by being in the vicinity of an Ethereal. Whether this is canon or not now is uncertain.

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The weirdest part, though, is that Tau aren't Battle Brothers with efmale Imperial Guard, despite or maybe because of the existence of Gue'vesa Imperial Guard defectors.

Air fe,ale Tau tend to be tall and slender like runners or dancers, and this is frequently exaggerated by the years the Tau navy spends in low-gravity. This may have something to do with how unemotional Tau are, as some of the more passionate subjects in the fluff had been fsmale affected by warp shenanigans like faint whispers and slight feelings of "wrongness" in places where humans freak out and try to run away immediately, while more calm and collected tau hadn't noticed anything strange.

Since the Tau were virtually invisible in the warp, the warp storm didn't have much of an effect on them as they were female to the influences of Chaos. It's just our merchant vessels, moving goods to and from remale trade missions". Fe,ale, Xenology relates a story from a major, insectoid race called the Q'Orl which alleges that the Eldar stole one of their queens.

Even then, the Tau has more in common with the Imperium than the noblebright space hippie Feds; they adhere to a highly strict doctrine of eugenics, as all forms of love, sex or breeding between different castes are, translated from Tau lexicon into Gothic, HERESY. Eldar briefly were on the list too, owning this to the first contact being made by the Commorites, and not just any, but Urien Rakarth tau. Fio Earth [ edit ] The Earth Caste are the laborers and engineers; they are the "civilians" of Tau society.

Sept worlds tend to be guarded by some nasty space stations and garrisoned by an unreasonable amounts of hunter cadres and auxiliary troops, which allows them to act as major defensive nodes from which response fleets are dispatched and to which evacuation fleets rally think feudal Japan style castles from which commanders would send trained garrisons out to protect the lands around it from encroaching armiesand in case sexy really scary shit like an Imperial crusade or a Tyranid hive-fleet comes into the sept, it is on the sept world where the decisive battle is fought See the First Damocles Crusade for an example of this tactic in femqle.

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Needless to say, that plan was promptly fucked up. I need something to fill it with.

Tau society after the arrival of Ethereals was organized into castes; everyone with a place, and a place for everyone. Even the last reason alone is femlae to avoid close combat, seeing as Necrons use similar logic, despite their Warriors and Immortals being much stronger and tougher, and actually highly trained in close combat, but equally as slow, though if the Necrons do want to get into melee, they're certainly not lacking in specialists.

This strategy is not unique to the Tau only though, as the Imperium allows countless other much more dangerous feemale empires to prosper in the Eastern Fringe to serve as an ablative shield against much nastier shit. Now get back to work or you won't get your overtime pay!

The Taros campaign is a prime example of these tactics and of the Imperium's strategic stupidity. Exactly as advertised.

In the old fluff, the T'au used to have equip their ships with reverse-engineered imperial warp drives, tuned to only skim the surface of the warp and bounce back to the Materium fenale a short while. The weirdest part though is that the Warp itself didn't really bother thing. The view their equipment or doctrine is nerfed also ignores that armies have to replace lost and damaged equipment as well as actually get that equipment to the troops or they're absolutely fucked.

The problem for the Imperium is, like always, those things are very rare, built in tiny s, and never around when you need them.

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Yep, they got done buttfucked by the Death Guard! Tau air units are among the best in the game, with tay superior or equal to Imperial Guard equivalents, including a stealth fighter, multipurpose heavy fighter, a superheavy fighter with guns that can one-shot a Titan, and their own Titan-equivalent which is a small taau. They also have an extremely powerful navy, though not quite as formidable as the Imperium's, ffemale largely because of differences in and tonnage. Conversely, the Tau have realized just how massive an undertaking expanding through the entire universe would really be, and are taking it slow.

In 6th edition, Tau are notable for being one of two factions the other being Imperial Guard who can ally with anyone except for 'Nids. Not nearly enoughin fact.

For those of you who don't get it, it's Frederick the Great's "he who tries to protect everything protects nothing" strategy. When the Tau started exploring offworld, it was the Air Caste that took charge of the vessels traveling between the stars.

Female tau

An army based around soldiers armed with "cheap" rifles and armour is a lot easier to produce and keep in the field even in the face of casualties or supply problems. Kor'Or'Vesh, or srxy fleet" is a newer fleet, made for battling Imperium's fleet in straight up battle, after Kor'Vatra get run over during Damocles crusade.

These strange Tau called themselves "Ethereals," and stressed the importance of peace and understanding between all Tau. Like Imperial Japan they're a young power situated in the east, relatively far from most of their possible rivals' centres of power. Yes, this includes both Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons, although, according to the Farsight Enclaves supplement, Farsight rebelled because the Ethereals understand the existence of Chaos on some level, but keep it suppressed from the general populace so they're not entirely screwed.

My last name was Dash, like hell i wasnt gonna buy her Add a review You must be logged in to post a review. And who tak fuck can with a straight face call a pulse rifle and carapace grade armour "inferior equipment"?

Like Imperial Japan they're at a ificant disadvantage tau terms of production power compared to their most serious rivals in the region, and hope to compensate for femxle by tactical superiority and fenale big decisive battles to topple the old powers. The ambassador went to her death thinking the ever reasonable Ethereals would let her off with a slap on the wrist for what was basically a breach of etiquette, instead she was dominated into committing suicide for being the mentor of someone who'd cast the tiniest bit of doubt on Ethereal motives.

Only the Adeptus Mechanicus still had records of this first contact when the storm died down 6, years later. As a Tau grows, moves through ranks and achieves the respect of their comrades their name changes appropriately, switching the rank part, adding new nicknames and sometimes dropping the old and outdated ones. Furthermore, they serve as a useful buffer state against female threats on the Eastern Fringe, from Orks and Chaos raiders to Tyranid hive fleets to alien forces the Imperium hasn't had recorded sexy with.

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Ergo, the Tau, despite not being the exterminate-all-other-species kind of racist, are still an ethnocentric, aristocratic empire pretending to be a Federation, not unlike Britain during their 'tenure' as the rulers of India. An Imperial genetor's report in the fourth edition Tau codex observes the presence of synthetic proteins in Tau internal organs and suggests them as evidence that their evolution has been accelerated, though he might have been confused by synthetic proteins that the Tau were given.

The Tau that survived, however, were acting weird. They mostly absorb Imperial buffer worlds stripped of manpower and armament in the face of massive redeployments to face other threats, offering the Empire's protection in return for annexation and outright conquering the places that don't take the deal.

Similarly, when it comes to occupying or garrisoning territory, s of soldiers is ificantly more important than quality of soldiers as they need to cover ground and establish a presence. Additionally, in the novel Farsight: Crisis of Faith by Phil Kelly detailing the Farsight Tau not only is a Tau Water Caste Magister possessed by a daemon of Tzeentch, who is banished by Farsight carving a female hexagram into its chest with his bonding knife Imperium Hexagrammic Wards don't sexy work that wayAun'Va uses mind control to have the Magister's superior kill herself.

From what little fluff we have on it, it looks like the reality-based theoretical warp drive in the modern physics meaning, i. A Tau-Space Marine alliance, though, would be odd, to say the least, since Tau and Space Marines are always going at it in the fluff. As of Eighth Edition they were corrected quite painfully due to the opening of the Great Rift and the loss of most of their Fourth Sphere Expansion forces to a Warp rift, and following a massive Chaos invasion they have been forced to face the possibility that their empire might have bitten off more than it can chew.

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Plus, there might be fluff changes coming up most notably, it was rumored that the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee would return in the new Orks codex; they, of wexy, would get along quite well with the Tau. Because their small-craft ordnance is so powerful, most Tau ships tend more towards carrier and torpedo boat archetypes than battleships, and suffer horribly if an enemy comes within macro-cannon or boarding range note the "if".

The nickname part and its importance surprisingly is actually taken from the Roman culture, which is weird, given most Tau culture tend to be sezy on China and Japan except for their social and government structures which are copied almost verbatim from Plato's Republic.