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This phone number cannot be used for verification

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This phone number cannot be used for verification

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Either by yourself, or it may be a recycled which has been used ly with Google. The count cannot be reset.

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Did anyone encounter this issue?

[help] gmail "phone number cannot be used for verification" : gmail

If you use proxy to access the Internet over the wall, the IP address of this server generally belongs to this kind of insecure IP address. Hello I have made my second Gmail for newsletters and other stuff, plus using Gdrive. Just be sure vegification remove that from the settings, once you have established the.

Data requests from browsers or verifiication phones sometimes include geographic location information. The details can be shown in the figure below. The count cannot be reset.

Third party software registration law Someone on Zhihu and other websites wrote about using software to register. It led to some accidental injuries.

Google product forums

Before the mobile phone was registered, Gmail could not be registered again. Some mainland China mobile phone s belong to this category. In fact, there is a way to prevent the massive abuse of Google resources.

About out of 10 people can register successfully through this program. I cannot use my personal phoneeven though I used it only on 1 other.

Phone number verification problem - microsoft community

Now I am stuck outside the and don't know how to proceed. Therefore I deducted thar my phone couldn't have been used too many times, but receives an error saying cannot be used. The possible solutions are as follows: Mobile version of QQ Webmail master mobile version Gmail mobile app Download these apps from your mobile phone to your mobile phone, and then add an.

So what is the reason? Abnormal mobile phone refers to the mobile phone of some segments in some regions, which has certain risk of abusing network resources.


Simply paste 2 pictures. I receive the following error : "The phone cannot be used for verification" I have tried using an online virtual phone and gave me an error saying "this phone has been user too many times". If yes, how did you solve it? Either by yourself, nubmer it may be a recycled which has been used ly with Google.

It is estimated that 3 out of 10 people can register successfully in this way. You don't need a mobile phone, you can use a friend's phone, or use a landline.

It is also an optional scheme, which is very simple. You can start the registration process here. We will explain in detail later: notes: 1.

I was able to add a Gmail via Apple Mail using my mobile. After registering, you can log in by yourself.

Insecure IP generally refers to nunber IP address that Google thinks has a large of registered Google s or has ever had network attacks. If Google require aand you cannot provide one, or you cannot open an using the methods described above, then Google will not let you open the.

I'm not sure why it would ask it when creating a new elsewhere, but I'm glad I was able to create a new Google this time. Gmail registration assistant Someone developed the Gmail registration assistant This tool is to provide you with the information you want to register, and then the server will help you to register. But after 2 days from up I received this error of being ed out until I will input a phone .