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Toronto club m4

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Toronto club m4

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E-mail Very good, you found one of our specially selected strip clubs and brothels. More information about Club M4 Swingers Club can be found by visiting the website. Want to find more sex clubs, brothels or strip clubs in Toronto or in Canada?. Are you not a first time visitor of Club M4 Swingers Club?

Age: 43
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City: Haywood County, West Valley
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Fourth floor private rooms. We stayed until 2 am and left when the club was virtually empty.

Before i knew it i had her on all fours pounding her infront of a fairly large crowd. This was cool. I think my statement went over her head. This club also allows known consent violators admittance to their space, all the while they m4 try to promote a safe environment.

No thanks. This would be along the lines of a "scouting expedition" to see if M4 might be someplace we'd want to return to, or if we cluv keep going to Oasis where despite only getting to Toronto a couple times a year, a fair of the staff recognize us.

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More information about Club M4 Swingers Club can be found by visiting the website. Had a great time and made some new friends. So many so that there was a substantial line-up of about men to gain access to the back playrooms at 11 pm.

Currently due to Covid Health regulations showers and towels are not provided therefore it is recommended that you bring your own towel. It was very nice, we ended up having fantastic time and we will be visiting again in the near future.

Happy humping! Our play parties are held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

Their response was to suspend my online membership when i questioned matt's behavior. Are you not a first time visitor of Club M4 Swingers Club? I know the person he was trying to find information about, as they are family.

Check out their full pricing situation here. So, anyone who has been, what's it like for first-time visitors to the club?


We fled early and i promised her a much different experience last saturday which was a couples troonto night. And found m4 one of those places that attempts to be a high class swingers club on a paupers budget. I was maybe in the club for 20 mins and this sexy cougar brought me to the back and started giving me a unreal bj.

We had a few drinks had a little fun, some foreplay on the couches in the lounge and headed to the back for some voyeur fun and then made ourselves one of the shows. I'll take my business elsewhere, thankyouveryfuckingmuch. I headed to the front and told the women at the front it was my first time and within minutes i had a very friendly women show myself around the bar and explain the rules. The club has lockers locks are provided locker attendant, condoms.

Club m4 - [toronto, ontario ] - photos, reviews and visitors

As we looked around, a female started performing oral sex on cluh male sitting about six feet from the bar, distracting both some of the customers and one of the bartenders. It's been almost two weeks. I then took a stroll to the bathroom torotno i instantly ran into a very sexy women in her 40's. Check out their nightly prices here. Dress code is neat as we would like to maintain a classy party.

So, this time we're staying near Union Station, and looking at the three non-Oasis swingers clubs M4, X, and Ozone, it looks like M4 is the only one we could actually get to by the TTC before having to turn around and head back about an 1hr one-way. Everything at the club was deed with a purpose, whether it is the huge locker room with floor to ceiling lockers, the oversized playrooms which can accommodate multiple couples, the group room which sits in the center of the play area to maximize the voyeuristic and exhibitionist experience or just the cold bottle of water that we hand you as you leave the club after a full night of play On this night the bar area was busy mm4 we entered the empty back play area around 11 pm.

Club m4 swingers club in toronto | brothel-in

All in all, after the initial thrill, it was a little like watching grass grow. VIBE: An elite, sexy club. Most people kept to themselves and i overhead a few people complain that no one seemed to want to play or interact with others which i also found to be clug.

We have built the club to make your on premise experience one of the best in Canada. I've been to several clubs both in canada and the u.

Menage a quatre events

I asked her if i could go in the back clothed and watch people have sex and her response was no, unless i was naked. Creepshow management and proven consent violators roaming your club and you know about it? The majority of people moved to the front bar and the insufficient service which only got worse with the increase cluh people wanting drinks. Contrary to the policy of 2 years ago, there was a plethora of single men. VIBE: Typical nightclub feel, except with the option of having sex on site.

After my tour i stopped and had a drink and spoke to the very friendly cute bartender for a bit.

I told her that i really didn't want to stand clothed in the front bar clothed and watch people have sex then. We've been to Oasis Aqualounge most every time we've been in Toronto and hey, we've got a free weekend pass, so we're going this trip, but we're thinking of trying someplace that's more a "swingers club" than a "sex club. COST: The price depends on the night.

Men, no sandals or running shoes, no shorts or baseball caps.

We have all ages that attend however the majority are in their 30's and 40's and 50's, but basically a mature crowd. Oasis employees are constantly checking and treating the water and sanitizing the entire place. That was a sunday night i can't wait to experience a wknd there Dissatisfied Customer submitted by Burt for Menage a Quatre Club Toronnto Nightclub on May 29, Went on saturday may 28th, arrived around 10pm found the front bar area extremely cold and we wished we wore coats to stay warm, found the two bartenders more interested in dancing foronto the music than providing drinks to the customers at the bar.