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What is monkey dust

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What is monkey dust

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But our ongoing research raises questions about how widespread and localised use of the drug really is. It is often likened to other cathinones such as MDVP.

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Staffordshire Police and emergency services have reportedly responded to around incidents related to Monkey Dust in the past three months, this equates to more than 10 a day. An evidence-based policy response to concern about drug trends is to learn from the successful European model and to trial drug checking in Australia. Its users are at risk of intense, prolonged panic attacks, development of psychotic symptoms from sleep deprivation, addictive cravings, and death from overdose.

While on the surface this might sound like a low level offence, some of those we spoke to said they had witnessed concerning behaviours by people who had used NPS.

‘monkey dust’ – busting the myths - alcohol and drug foundation

The spokesperson said that drugs marketed as "legal highs" or deer alternatives to illicit drugs "are not harmless; they are not safe; they have deadly consequences". Monkey dust can be snorted, smoked, ingested orally, or injected and it is used in extremely small quantities, with users reporting 5mg or less per session. With its unpredictable side effects, the psychoactive substance is currently an epidemic in some parts of the UK. People are likely to be in danger of greater harm if synthetic cathinones are mixed with other drugs such as alcohol.

One news report stated that an "epidemic" of monkey dust use in the UK has been linked to dozens of deaths. However, they talked about friends who used and concerns about aggressive behaviour and other effects of NPS drugs that they had witnessed.

It is often likened to other cathinones such as MDVP. Drug checking This is one of the reasons that drug checkingalso referred to as pill testing, needs to be trialled in Australia at festivals or music events as a harm reduction tool.

An AFP spokesperson made the plea to "anyone who is considering experimenting with illicit drugs or new psychoactive substances, no matter how they are branded or presented" to avoid taking them and that it is "a gamble with your life that's just not worth taking". Got a dhat tip? We took a closer look at the synthetic drug emergency services are describing as a potential public health crisis.

‘monkey dust’ – busting the myths

This week's reports of monkey dust use appear to have stemmed from UK reports of the drug in late Similar to the other drugs we test for, we recommend hair testing for the following reasons: We can test hair for specific substances. When consumed, the drug binds to norepinephrine and dopamine transporters in the brain, inducing a high that is reported as similar to cocaine, methamphetamine iceand MDMA.

A small-scale research study my colleague Em Temple-Malt and I did with student researchers in Stoke asked homeless people, young people at college and professionals working to tackle drug issues about their knowledge and usage levels of NPS. Monkey dust, also known by the street name "bath salts", is a deer drug and its primary ingredient is methylenedioxypyrovalerone MDPV.

Targeted analysis means you can look for particular compounds.

What is 'monkey dust?' - insider

Professor Michael Cole, a forensic scientist from Anglia Ruskin University, noted in an article for the Conversation that drugs such as monkey dust increase in use where there are lulls in the supply or too much demand for the drugs they are trying to replicate. Dr Nicole Lee, an associate professor at the National Drug Research Institute, told BuzzFeed News that there "isn't much evidence that there's a huge epidemic or that lots and lots of people are using it".

What are the Effects of Monkey Dust? There are several synthetic cathinones which are all similar monkeey different to natural cathinone and produce much stronger effects. Our study was small, with a total of 41 participants and aimed to give a snapshot of what was happening in Stoke-on-Trent to help inform future drug service development.

What is 'monkey dust?' - business insider

MDPV belongs to the cathinone family of drugs, which are thought of chemically as "cousins" of amphetamines such as MDMA the primary ingredient in ecstasy and amphetamine speed. A month by month analysis is useful in profiling a pattern wjat drug use.

Lee said that she has never seen a patient who has developed a dependence on monkey dust in her clinical monkej. Contact Elfy Scott at elfy. Submit it here Share This Article. But there have been national funding cuts to the health and public health sector and to drug support services run by the voluntary sector. Chapman, A.

One incident involved a Staffordshire man climbing a roof and throwing roof tiles at police allegedly while high on the drug. And for homeless people, there are lots of traumatic experiences which may lead them to use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Help for those addicted In my own experience of working with drug and alcohol users, being intoxicated can become a form or escapism. Those effects can be like MDMA or cocaine, i as feeling happy, energetic, talkative and having an intense connection to music. Butterfield, R. Given the role police play in tackling drug issues, cuts to their budgets are also a concern.

There have been countless reports about the monkey dust drug. here's what we actually know.

In August, Staffordshire police said they were monkeey around ten calls per day related to Monkey Dust issues. However, the proportion of Australians who tried it in alone had leveled out to 0.

are legally defensible and are accepted in every UK family court. The substance stops users from feeling pain, but also causes hallucinations and paranoia. Australia witnessed a small increase in the proportion of people aged 14 or over who had tried one of these synthetic drugs duwt least once in their lifetime from 0.

It would simply enable a longer us sentence for possession and supply. It provides a unique window of detection covering months, rather than days that urine or oral fluid analysis can show. Synthetic Cathinones.

But this drug is not new, and we have no reason to believe its use is on the rise. But the ban may have impacted honesty levels on whether people disclosed NPS usage that year, and young people under 16, homeless people and those in prison are not included in the survey.

Staffordshire police reported in August that they were receiving an average of 10 calls or more a day related to monkey dust.